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What is seborrheic hair loss?

Seborrheic hair loss is a type of hair loss due to the overproduction of sebum and excessive oiliness of the scalp. The incidence of seborrheic hair loss is high among the young man, starting from puberty. Hair on the forehead and both sides will become thinner and thinner due to follicle shrink. Crown area might become bald around 40 years old.

Why is seborrheic hair loss divided into two types: oily and dry?

Male hormone increase, hypersecretion of oil gland cause congested pore, reduce follicle nutrients absorption, shrink follicle and baldness.Genetic, sleeping problem, imbalance hormones, psychological problem and excessive brainwork.

Oily Type Dry Type
If the sebum containing more unsaturated fatty acid and thin, it will lead to greasy hair and scalp. It is also called the secretion type. Oily scalp and oily and sticky dandruff. The sebum containing more saturated fatty acid and sticky. It will lead to congested follicle and the hair becomes dry and fragile. It is also called the block type. Flaky dandruff, serious itchiness, dry hair.


How to relieve seborrheic hair loss?

• Stress management.
• Regular exercise.
• Reduce oily and deep fried food consumption.
• Maintain a balance diet.
• Use herbal to nourish kidney (FABAO).
• Wash your hair everyday.
• Use 7ml herbal essence at home. Come for treatment 3 times a week and use scalp detox for twice for each treatment.