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What is Scalp Aging?

Aging scalp becomes thinner and loses much of its elasticity. The number of blood vessels in the dermis begins to fall. At the same time the hair often loses its color, and within the scalp there are fewer hair follicles. This leads to hair thinning and balding.

Scalp is the fastest aged skin compared to other parts of skin, which is 12 times faster than body skin and 6 times faster than facial skin.

Healthy Scalp Aged Scalp
healthy_scalp aged_scalp
• Thicker Scalp
• Bigger Follicle
• Bigger Hair Bulb
• More Blood Vessels
• Longer Anagen Phase
• Better Immunity
• Thinner Scalp
• Smaller Follicle
• Smaller Hair Bulb
• Fewer Blood Vessels
• Longer Telogen Phase
• Low Immunity

How Fast Does Hair Grow?

The Speed of hair growth is roughly
1.25 cm / month, 15 cm / year.

Aging Scalp

The speed of hair growth might slow down 80% but grow as little as 0.25 cm / month

Causes of aged scalp:

- Decreasing in collagen level
- Less nutrient supply
- Poor blood circulation
- Kidney and liver problem