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What is Grey Hair?

Our hair colour is determined by the quantity, distribution and types of melanin within each hair.

There are 2 types of melanin and our hair colour is based on the combination of these two colours:
(a). Eumelanin: - Dark red, brown to black.
- Asian people have more Eumelanin than Phaeomelanin.

(b). Phaeomelanin: - Light yellow to red.
- European people have more Phaeomelanin than Eumelanin.

• Grey hair occurs when bulbar melanogenetic cells produce less melanin.
• Some people do not experience total white hair but grey hair with light brown.
• This is because our bulbar melanogenetic cells still produce melanin but at insufficient level.


Causes of Grey Hair

(a).Genetic predisposition.
(c).Hormonal imbalance.
(d).Vitamin B1 and B12 deficiency.
(e).Nutrient insufficient such as protein, cooper, zinc, iron and others.
(f).Anemia or poor blood circulation.
(g). Smoker.
(h).Psychological stress.
(i).Illness such as gastrointestinal problem that caused poor absorption.