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What is Premature Hair Loss ?

Premature hair loss means that the hairs start to drop gradually during adolescence and finally lead to baldness.

Although premature hair loss sometime is called as symbol of intelligence and wealth, there are many teenagers who worry about their premature hair loss problem.Premature hair loss usually occurs among teenagers age 20 and 20 plus. The hair loss symptoms could appear suddenly and dramatically. For serious cases, it might cause totally loss of hair during age 30 plus.The hair loss usually begins at the hairline. The forehead hairline gradually goes backward or the hairs on the crown become thinner and thinner and finally lead to baldness.

The hair follicles of people who are suffering from premature hair loss are shrinking gradually and finally the hairs are replaced by the fine hairs. The anagen phase of the follicles also shorter and the ratio of telogen follicles is higher. Beside that, their scalp is thin and the hair root also weak and hair drop off easily. Serious cases finally will loss both of fine hair and follicles.


The causes of premature hair loss are still unknown. However, the patient usually has more clearer family history, genetic and their androgen and DHT level in the blood is higher.Beside that, 5 a reductase level in their blood is also higher compare to normal people. 5 a reductase level in occipital hair is lower than the scalp of front head and androgenetic hair loss usually occur at front head. All this symptoms shows that 5 a reductase might be one of the causes of androgenetic hair loss.

Severity of premature hair loss will increase by age. Therefore, patients with premature hair loss are encouraged to seek for EARLY treatment early to avoid loss of hair follicles.