Post Natal Hair Loss
Nurul, Age 29, The Mines

After giving birth, I experienced a serious hair loss problem. Moreover, as a flight attendant I need to tie my hair tightly almost every day. This could be one of the reasons that worsened my hair loss condition. I had tried many hair care products such as anti-hair fall shampoos and sebum controlled shampoos in order to reduce and solve my hair loss problem. To my disappointment, none of these products worked. I got to know 101 Hair Care from a newspaper and wish to give myself a try.

After I received treatment for almost 3 months, I noticed that the effect was obvious. The density of my hair was gradually increased and there was no more serious hair loss. Sally, my consultant had recommended me a suitable according to my scalp problem. She also had explained to me in detail how post-natal hair loss happened. I am very satisfied with the treatment given and I feel that the treatment was worthwhile. Now I feel more confident about myself as my job needs me to be presentable and to look pleasant. I would like to thank 101 Hair Care for solving my problem and regaining my confident.


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