M+O Male Pattern Baldness
Megat, Age 30, Auto-City Prai

I work at a shopping mall in Bukit Mertajam. I am cheerful and am easy going when getting along with others.I like to be involved in sports and I am an outgoing person. My hair always looks greasy all the time.

I have been facing hair problems since the age of 28 years old. I believed that my problem is due to hereditary factors as my father was also facing the same problem at his old age. My hair problem was getting worse and I felt very depressed and lacked confidence due to my hair condition. When I went out I used to wear a cap to cover up my head from others.

Then I got to know about 101 HAIR CARE from my workplace.My family members encouraged me to have a trial and seek a solution for my hair woes. Brenda Yeoh my consultant, helped me a lot to overcome my problems during my treatment period. She gave me a lot of useful advice and showed concern about my hair growth progress. After I had undergone treatments for 3 months, I noticed that there were baby hairs that had grown up and my hair itchiness had been cured.

I strongly recommend 101 Hair Care to all my friends and relatives who are facing hair loss and scalp problems. I wish 101 Hair Care could have regained my hair back like few years before.


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