O Male Pattern Baldness
Sam, Age 32, Puchong

I am Sam Chong, currently I’m a site supervisor of a construction company. My job is indeed a stressful job as it requires me to stay outdoors most of the time which has worsened my hair condition. Apart from being oily, I also suffer from constant hair loss especially at the middle part of my hair.

I got to know about 101 HAIR CARE through the newspaper and I met up with my consultant there, Camay. She did the hair diagnosis for me and found that my hair was indeed oily and I had a serious hair loss problem. She recommended me some treatments to solve my problem.

While doing the treatment, I felt calm and relaxed. The subsequent treatments gradually reduced my hair loss problem. Now, I can even see baby hair growing at the bald spot. It's amazing! I strongly recommend 101 Hair Care to everyone that I know as it did improve my life quality and this can be the same for everyone else. I sincerely thank 101 Hair Care for this wonderful solution which enabled me to have better hair quality and an improved quality of life.

Sam Chong
Site Supervisor
21st May 2011


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