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What are Demodex Mites?

Demodex can produce the enzyme lipase which is necessary for Demodex to digest the sebum it feeds on. Lipase can adversely affect the quality, condition and appearance of your scalp and hair. Demodex Mites are invisible to the naked eye, usually measuring between 100 – 300 microns in length. There are numerous different signs of demodex activity. One of the most obvious signs of the condition is itching, crawling sensation on the face or (and) in the scalp, but most of the time, there is no itching at all, and people are not aware they are infested with Demodex mites.

demodex1 demodex2 demodex3

If the mites goes unobserved, the mite populations can dramatically increase, resulting hair thinning problem. Hair loss, in some cases, pre-mature hair loss can be linked with extended demodex folliculorum activity.

What damage can Demodex follicle mites do?

Demodex follicle mites live inside the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, sucking nutrients from the hair roots and damaging the cell walls. After mating they burrow into the skin, laying eggs, introducing bacteria and infection to the skin. Throughout the five phases of their life cycle, these mites destroy the skin by excreting wastes and secretions, laying eggs and dying within its layers. After death, their corpses become liquid and decompose inside the skin.



What can 101 Hair Care do?

DEMODEX Solution Technology(DST) Treatment-brings hair follicles back to life.

101 HAIR CARE Centre has launched the NEW BREAKTROUGH TECHNOLOGY & SOLUTION that targets DEMODEX Mites and hair thinning problem. DEMODEX Solution Technology ( DST ) treatment is tested and proven to be effective and it is a non-invasive cosmetics procedures. At 101 HAIR CARE Centre, our consultant diagnose Demodex mites under the New Breakthrough Technology – Microscope.

DEMODEX Solution Technology ( DST ) treatment combined with Ozone to kill many types of germs and bacteria on the hair and scalp, thus releasing more oxygen to the hair follicles and promoting hair growth. DST treatment also incorporates Infra Red Energy to improve blood circulation.