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AFT™ - Advanced Follicle Treatment - Hair Growth Method

AFT™ Solution is the latest innovation in providing you the answer in rectifying your balding problems.
AFT™ Solution stands for "Advance Follicle Technology", formulated to undo the damages of the scalp that causes hair loss.

Deep Cleansing Prevention Strengthening Growth Stimulation
Cleansing of the pores prevent blockage and clogged oils in the follicles, balancing the sebaceous glands. This process also encourages hair growth. Through the application of herbs, follicies containing hair roots are nurtured, preventing premature roots from dying and falling off. This step will strengthen existing hair as well as baby hair, so that new hair which has sprouted will not fall off so easily. This is to stimulate hair growth. When new hair begins to grow, the hair will be stimulated to accelerate the growth process.

This is the main reason why 101 HAIR CARE can solve hair loss problems so effectively which allows 101 HAIR CARE to be recognised by so many countries worldwide and winning many international awards.