Female Pattern Baldness
Yvonne, Age 32, Berjaya Times Square

I have had volumes of hair but faced a hair loss problem after re-bonding and coloring was done. Coupled with a very oily scalp, many hairs dropped when I washed my hair and I noticed that my hair was getting lesser and lesser.

One day, I got a chance to see the 101 roadshow at Berjaya Times Square. I decided to give it a try, my consultant-Sara did a series of scanning procedures and I was told that my scalp was too oily and that demodex mites was found on my scalp, these were the main reasons for the cause of my hair loss.

After 2 months treatment, my scalp was no longer oily and I saw visible improvement on my hair growth. My hair now was full like it was before. I am very confident with the 101 treatments. Thank you 101 for giving me back volume perfect hair.


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