Female Pattern Baldness
Vani, Age 33, Klang

I am a 31 year old homemaker with a simple lifestyle. I started to have hair loss at the age of 21 during my university days. I assumed it was due to stress, staying up late and unhealthy eating habits. As the years went on, the hair loss was worsening and the thinning became obvious.

After graduating, I got married at the age of 24. Upon giving birth to my first child a year later, the hair loss worsened. Then again, I assumed it was due to child birth. The problem persisted throughout my second and third child. One day, in early 2008, I came across a promotion booth by 101 HAIR CARE at a hypermarket in Klang, where I bought a trial voucher. After the first trial, I was diagnosed by the consultant to have oily scalp which occludes the hair pores, thus preventing baby hair growth. Then I signed up for treatment.

After a few treatments, I noticed improvement on my scalp and new baby hair start growing. At the same time, there was a marked reduction in hair loss. I am happy and elated that treatment was effective and my hair has grown. At present, I look much younger and more confident. My husband and friends compliment me on my new and prettier appearance. Thank you 101.



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