Female Pattern Baldness
Lim Irene, Age 34, The Mines

My family has had a history of balding and at the age of 16 my hair began to fall. The condition was worsened during my working life and I was ashamed by my friends, colleague and relatives. I felt very depressed and felt humiliated as well. Thus I sought an alternative to treat my hair. I had tried some tonics that were recommended from friends and family but it did not work at all. Furthermore, I also joined one of the Hair Care Centres for almost 8 months spending nearly RM20 thousand but the outcome had disappointed me.

Until one day, I passed by a 101 Hair Care Centre and decided to enquire about the treatment available. At first I was hesitant but after meeting with the consultant, Fennis, she convinced me with the company’s testimonials and explained clearly about my current hair condition.

After nearly four months having undergone treatment at 101 Hair Care, I found that baby hair started growing on my scalp. It was obvious that my hair condition was improving even after I had undergone 10 months treatments. I am so glad with the results and I will surely recommend my friends who are experiencing hair loss problems to seek treatment at 101 Hair Care because it really works. I really thank 101 Hair Care for regaining my confidence.

Lim Irene
Pegawai Kerajaan
20 May 2011

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