Scalp Anti-Aging Hair Treatment

101 Scalp Revital Treatment ™

"Scalp Renewal & Aging Reversal Process."

hair shrinking

With a blend of natural herbs which helps follicles for a better absorption and maintain healthy scalp. Formulated with Cooper Tripetite-1 which specifically for hair growth and scalp / skin renewal process. It acts to reverse aging effects on scalp.

Scalp Revital Treatment™ helps to improve general hair vitality.

scalp revival treatment

Benefits (Better Absorption, Healthy Scalp and Stronger Hair)

  • Improve microcirculation to hair follicle
  • Prevent scalp aging
  • Strengthen follicle and enhance hair growth
  • Maintain scalp pH balance
  • Protective anti-inflammatory actions
  • Repair damaged scalp
  • Healthier hair
  • Reduce graying of hair
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