M+O Corak Kebotakan Lelaki
Tan Swee Lim, Umur 33, Auto-City Prai

My Name is Jason Tan, 33 years old, has been suffering from M+O male pattern baldness for a few years. I am facing a very oily scalp and thinning hair. I am a technician at company and running 12 hours rotate shift. When I work in night shift, my hair drop more if compare with day shift.

I know 101 HAIR CARE from media electronic and for my first impression about 101 HAIR CARE is i hope and believe 101 HAIR CARE can solve my hair problem.

My consultant is Brenda. After result diagnosis and scanning from my consultant, i am facing with oily scalp and thinning hair problem. So, i am decide to sign up a 101 package and hope i can get a good result for my hair.

After few times treatment, my babyhairs were seen sprouting out of the follicles and the clogged follicles were opened up. My family and my friend also reliese my hair become more and i explain to them 101 HAIR CARE is helping me to solve my hair problem. Now, i become more confidence with my outlook even though in work or in outside.

I wishes to have more hair growth in time to time and i am very happy and satisfied with 101 HAIR CARE.

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