Keguguran Rambut Pra-Matang
Yap Mun Keong, Umur 19, Kepong Village Mall

I am just a normal student in Sunway University with a normal lifestyle. I am currently studying my degree in the university. My daily tasks are just study, exercise, eat, play and sleep like normal people. However, I have been experiencing hair loss two years ago. This issue has made me worried as the hair count loss is increasing each day. The hair loss made me to change my hairstyle each day to cover my bald part of my hair. It is very sad as some of my friends noticed it and told me to get a hair treatment before I go bald! Not only that, I lose self-esteem during presentation and interviews.

Then, we found out 101 Hair Care through my mom’s friends and the flyers that the promoters gave in the shopping centre. So, my mom decided that I should give a try in 101 Hair Centre as my hair condition is getting serious each day. When we went in 101 Hair Centre, we are welcomed friendly by the consultants. My first impression of 101 Hair Centre is a centre that helps me massage their hair with herbal products and hopefully my hair will grow after the treatments. That was my first impression at that time. My consultant is Miss Ivin. She has scanned my hair to check my hair problems and conditions. The diagnosis and scanning has shown my hair conditions or problems more specifically. From there, I just realized my hair pores has been clogged and my hair scalps are very oily.

Then, I went for the treatments at 101 Hair Centre. The treatment was simply relaxing and comfortable as they are well experienced and professional. During the treatment, I felt relaxed and less tense as they massaged the shoulder, neck, and hair scalp. Later on, they will put tonic onto the hair scalp. The tonic gave me a cooling effect on my hair. A few days later after the treatment, I noticed my hair loss has decrease each day. From that on, I begin to smile and found a hope in 101 Hair Centre to help my hair problems. 101 hair treatments not only stop my hair loss, but it also helped my hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Definitely, I would recommend 101 Hair Centre to all my friends who are facing hair problems. It is always better to do the treatments before is too late as it is harder to treat when the hair problems getting more serious. My expectation towards 101 Hair Centre is to recover all my hair problems and grow healthier hair. I would like to thank you for my parents as they mentally and financially supported me. Without them, I wouldn’t have gone through the treatments at 101 Hair Centre. Besides that, I would like to thank the consultants and nutritionist in 101 Hair Centre. They have consulted me about my hair problems and ways to stop losing hair so much and cautions on eating daily foods as foods can affects our body and hair. Last but not least, I would like to thank you all for spending precious time to read this testimonial.

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