M+O Corak Kebotakan Lelaki
Franklin, Umur 30, Auto-City Prai

Hi I'm Franklin an associate engineer with a normal lifestyle who has balding condition on the top and back of my head. I've been having this hair loss problem for a few years which I didn't bother much until it became very obvious that’s when i came across 101 which is located near by the place I live. My first visit to 101,I was quite impressed the way they handled and explained which was very professional, they even took sample's and showed me what’s wrong with my hair and scalp.

My consultant was Janice and now is Siew Nai who are very friendly and very accommodating.
When she conducted the scanning and diagnosis i was shocked to see the condition of my scalp and hair as its not visible from a normal mirror, which made me decide to begin my treatment, starting with a relaxing shampoo and head massage followed by the hair tonic that has quite a powerful herbal smell but it showed results, my hair started to grow back in stages which was shown to me during scanning where they use a tool best described as a portable microscope. 101 products with consistency has helped my hair grow and I'm very thankful to them for making the difference. I would definitely recommend to my friends, what has helped me will surely help them. 


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