Keguguran Rambut Selepas Bersalin
Chitra, Umur 34, The Mines

I am 34 years old and leading a case processing department in a humanitarian industry. I’m started to experience a significant hair fall problem was after childbirth and also due to heavy hairstyling activities. My family members started to notice my hair problem and suggested to seek for hair loss treatment.

Few months ago, I had a chance to participate in 101 Road show in JayaJusco, Cheras Selatan. I was quite impressed with 101 Hair treatments and bought a trial voucher.  During the first trial, my consultant Sally did a scalp analysis scanning and I was diagnosed to have oily scalp dandruff which occludes the hair pores thus causing a dramatic hair loss.  I was quite satisfied with first trial and signed up for hair care treatment package.

During the treatment, I was given a deep cleanse treatment to clean my oily scalp. I noticed the improvement within one week of using the 101 Hair products as the secretion on my scalp has reduced dramatically. After a few treatments, my scalp was no longer oily and I saw visible improvement on my hair growth. I’m having soft and smooth textured hairs and my hair loss problem was resolved. I have gotten quite a bit of compliments on my hair after attended 101 Hair Care treatments.

I would say 101 Hair care treatment were a true life saver for me and 101 hair products are phenomenal. I am very confident with the 101 treatments.  My heartfelt thanks to 101 Hair Care Consultants for providing an excellent customer service and definitely I will recommend 101 HAIR CARE to friends or whoever is having hair problem.

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