'M + O' 型男性脱发
Vik, 25 岁, Klang

At first, I would place me as a normal 25 years old guy who would like to seek a happy and healthy life as most people do. However, the last 7 years this hair loss problem did not make me happy neither allowed me to be in a healthy life. Currently, I’m leading a very stressful life which involves 3 jobs. I’m working as a document controller in Hosp. Seremban, part time match operator in a call centre, and also got involved in a kind of marketing business. This type of stressful life only started when I started to loss my hair. I lost a lot of self confidence in my own ability because I’m quite shy to face people with confidence because of my hair problem. I even started to consume smoking and alcohol only after I started to loss my hair. I also had many sleepless nights just because thinking of my hair problem and the needs of money to counter the problem.

My first treatment was at 19 years old at another Hair Care in which I was promised I just need 30 times of hair treatment, but later on they revealed the amount of treatment was not enough. I was very annoyed with the consultant and decided not to continue and I started to pursue my Degree studies. However, this hair loss problem was never an ending case. Finally, I got to know 101 Hair Care through newspaper advertisement and decided to give it a try when I was 23. My first impression about 101 Hair Care was that the treatment cost was cheaper than YN, the promotions offered was just superb and all the consultants are really very friendly.

My consultant was Penny at that time, and I followed 101 Hair Care for almost 1 year, and I really saw the changes in my hair amount. The diagnosis and scanning really showed what was the root problem of my hair loss. The treatment is really done at a very pampered way, in which they will even massage the head and the shoulders. I usually feel great during and after the treatment because I always feel refreshed by mental and physical after the treatment. 101 Hair Treatment is purely effective to improve my hair quality because I can see on my own eyes the reducing amount of hair fall after following the treatment just for 2 months.

I would definitely recommend 101 Hair Care to my friends because of the quality of the hair treatment, very friendly consultants, affordable cost of the hair treatment package, special promotion package, and finally the direct improvisation and result through the hair treatment. My sincere expectation from 101 Hair Care would be the direct changes of my hair condition forever because I have received lots of criticism from many people regarding the amount of money I spent on 101 Hair Care and the believe of many people in the traditional community that hair baldness problem cannot be cured, so, in that terms I want 101 Hair Care to directly co-operate with me to prove many people’s criticism wrong because at the end it is always the result and not the working that many people see.

Another sincere expectation would be I want 101 Hair Care to directly improve my hair condition and change my current lifestyle in all aspects including work, personality, confidence, health, and other related positive aspects in the near future. Finally, I would like to thank 101 Hair Care and my favorite consultant, Penny, because of the opportunity they gave to me to become as the company’s spokesperson and reward me for all the believe I had on 101 Hair Care. Thanks.

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