'O' 型男性脱发
Syaiful, 27 岁, The Mines

I am having serious hair loss problem where my scalp is almost visible. This problem had caused me to lose my confidence especially when dealing with friends. I had tried many ways to reduce my hair loss problem such as using different hair care products but it still did not show any improvement for me.I got to know about 101Hair Care from an advertisement on television and newspaper. I was impressed with the results shown and wished to give myself an opportunity to try the treatment. Therefore I took my first steps to call 101 outlets and made appointments for the diagnosis.

Sally was my consultant and she had done the scalp analysis for me. She told me that my oil gland is too active and that it caused my scalp to be so greasy, which was one of the factors that contributed to hair loss problem. Furthermore I also have dandruff problem.

After doing the treatment recommended by Sally for 4 months, I noticed that there were a lot of new hairs that started to grow and my hair did not fall again as before. Now I feel more confident when meeting with my friends. I would like to thank 101Hair Care and I surely will recommend my friends to 101 Hair Care if they have any hair loss problem.


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