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Oxygen : Source of life

Similar to all other organism, our skins also need oxygen. Dermis will carry oxygen through the blood vessel and make cell grow healthier. When we are young, the skin will absorb oxygen efficiently due to the faster metabolism rate. Along with the aging process, when the capillaries is aging, the ability of oxygen absorption of the skin become slower and speed of the cell metabolism decelerated. As a result, level of collagen and elasticity fiber decrease, wrinkle, flabby, pigmentation and other skin problems occur.

The skin epidermis layer has no capillaries to supply oxygen and it only depends on absorbing the oxygen in the air. Therefore the cells in epidermis are lack of oxygen and prone to lots of skin problems. BTO supply pure oxygen to inner layer of epidermis through high pressure, activates cells, increase metabolism rate and promote anti aging.

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Only 20% oxygen in air

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BTO will produce 95% pure active oxygen molecule

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Pumps purified oxygen into inner scalp layer to nourish it with abundance source of oxygen

Main Function of BTO

  1. Activate production of collagen.
  2. Balance scalp sebum secretion, moisture scalp, regulates sebaceous gland secretion.
  3. Restructure healthy cell, improve skin immunity
  4. Promote intercellular fluid and nutrients movement for better oxygen and product absorption to inner layer of the skin, improve product's effectiveness.

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6 reasons for choosing Harvest Bio Trichoxy

  • Safe
  • Professional
  • Advanced technology
  • Multi function of pure oxygen therapy
  • Effective
  • Pure oxygen activate treatment

6 benefits for choosing Harvest Bio Trichoxy

  • Activate and strengthen cellular activity.
  • Control sebum secretion.
  • Balance scalp pH.
  • Maintain scalp moisture level.
  • Improve scalp immunity.
  • Enhance herbal essence absorption.


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