The History of 101 HAIR CARE

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Z hangguang / Beijing 101 Hair Loss Treatment products were developed by the world famous and award winning dermatologist, Dr. Zhao Zhangguang. With the miraculous effect of Dr. Zhao’s hair growth tonics, he is well known in The Republic of China as the ‘Hair Lotion King’.

In 1986, the inventor, Dr. Zhao, integrated the Chinese traditional herbal cures with modern medicine production technologies. Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has evolved itself by adopting the world’s state-of-art scientific technologies SCET (Super Critical Extraction Technology); ensuring the maximum amount of effective elements of herbal materials are extracted and measured.

The Reputation of 101 HAIR CARE

"Why Zhangguang / Beijing 101 brand is so deeply rooted in peoples' minds & of enormously wide appeal since its invention in 1974? Why 101 has long been the focus of both national & international media?” It is because…"

The reputation of Zhangguang / Beijing 101 was amassed from the 10,000 clients being cured from the hair loss & baldness problems. From 1974-2000, Dr. Zhao’s hair growth tonic has reached more than 60 countries all over the world, with 7,883,656* clients being cured around the world. The brand Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has become world famous; with the nickname of ‘Oriental Magic Liquid’ by westerners. Besides, Zhangguang / Beijing 101 has also won over 10 medals in acknowledged international invention fair and exhibition.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most dynamic market leading hair care chain in Malaysia.

Our Mission

  • To establish dynamic team with shared corporate values
  • To provide genuine services to achieve customer delight
  • To create learning organization to build high performance working environment
  • To use the most advanced technology and skills in our services
  • To prepare our team and brand into global market

About 101 Hair Care

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Accreditations - International Awards for Excellence

101 HAIR CARE treatments' efficacy in reversing hair loss has won worldwide recognition along with 16 different International Awards.
No other treatment in this category can be compared with 101 HAIR CARE treatment!

Malaysia Superbrands Award 2011

Malaysia Superbrands Award 2010

Malaysia Superbrands Award 2009

MRCA Member

MRCA Platinum Awards 2010, Excellent Customer Service Award

Golden Bull Award 2010

ASWPC 2011 & 2009 Malaysia Spa & Wellness Award

Golden Medal Award Special and high quality products exhibition in Malaysia International Famous Brand, 1997.

Golden Award 42th Eureka International Invention Fair Brussels, 1993.

Gold Medal 14th Annual International Inventors Exposition New York, June 4, 1991.

Shennong Cup Medical Cultural Fair Beijing, September 11, 1990.

Gold Medal Beijing International Fair Beijing, July 23, 1989.

Gold Medal 80th Paris International Development Exhibition Paris, May 6 1989.

The Oscar Gold Cup 16th International Exhibition of Inventions and New Technology Geneva, 1988.

First-Class Knight Medal & Certificate 36th Eureka International Invention Fair Brussels, 1987.

ISO 9001, Quality Management System

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