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How to begin with 101

Follow Our Steps and You See What We Are About
6 step how to begin with 101 hair care

Step 1

6 steps of computerised hair & scalp analysis

Step 2

Exclusive Demodex follicle mites analysis

Step 3

Analysis report and professional consultation

Step 4

Customised hair treatment

Step 5

Customised acupuncture massage

Step 6

Professional advice for balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle


  • Eric Tam, M+O Male Patttern Baldness

    I used to have a genetic hair loss problem. I was teased by my colleagues and friends about my balding head. I looked older than my actual age. I read about a 101 advertisement from the....... Read More
  • Nurul, Post Natal Hair Loss

    After giving birth, I experienced a serious hair loss problem. Moreover, as a flight attendant I need to tie my hair tightly almost every day. This could be one of the reasons that worsened my hair loss condition. I had tried many hair care...... Read More
  • Syaiful, O Male Pattern Baldness

    I am having serious hair loss problem where my scalp is almost visible. This problem had caused me to lose my confidence especially when dealing with friends. I had tried many ways to reduce my hair loss problem such as using...... Read More
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Hair Problems

  • Male Pattern Baldness +

    What is Male Pattern Baldness ? This is the most common type of hair loss in men. It usually follows a Read More
  • Female Pattern Baldness +

    What is Female Pattern Baldness ? This is the most common type of hair loss in women. It usually follows a Read More
  • Premature Hair Loss +

    What is Premature Hair Loss ? Premature hair loss means that the hairs start to drop gradually during adolescence and finally Read More
  • Post-natal Hair Loss +

    What is Post-natal Hair Loss ? Pregnancy can have a wonderful effect on a women's hair. From the fourth month of Read More
  • Dandruff +

    What is Dandruff ? Dandruff-Excessive shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. Causes can be divided to internal and external Read More
  • Grey Hair +

    What is Grey Hair ? Our hair colour is determined by the quantity, distribution and types of melanin within each hair. Read More
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